Jana Marie - healer, therapist, teacher.

I greet you, who wants to get better. It is the most valuable treasure that you can get since to be really healthy means to have a vital body, to be happy, to like yourself and all around you, to love your life, to feel deep inner peace, to live in abundance and to look forward to the future. If you really want you can gradually get to that vibration level.

Practical Spirituality
Come to try holistic therapy that naturally heals the body, mind and brings soul harmony. I don´t present any popular method, I use my own healing power and ability to work with spiritual energy system. The essence of my work is the talent to connect to the source of healing energy and access to wide spectrum of Light. I am a medium for non-physical healing power.

I will help you to understand inner reasons of your problem and your responsibility for your part of universe. I will support you to develop your own power for the shift. Recovering comes from a change of our thoughts and feelings to better ones, change for the better of ourselves, that whole part of the world we are in charge.

What can I offer? We can deal with
PHYSICAL PROBLEMS - illness, pain, hormonal problems, infections, diseases of internal organs, physical disorder or dysfunction, male and female problems, immune disorders or traumatic conditions..
MENTAL TROUBLE - fear, tiredness, depression, sadness or stress, feelings of helplessness, confusion, guilt or hurt, anger..
There is no reason why you should suffer.

We can provide the PREVENTION - we check where is the risk on the mind level - or prepare for CHANGE in some difficult situations - I can teach how we all create our reality. Also, you can just indulge in healing energy WELLNESS ritual ♥.

CONTACT healing in Prague
If you live in Prague or close, we can meet in person for contact healing. First we would communicate to discuss your situation /email, sms, call/. Then you would come for cca 2 to 3 hours healing session during which we will talk and than you lie down and relax, listen to music and enjoy a pleasant feeling.
The first session brings evident shift, however healing over 2 sessions /spaced 5 weeks/ is more effective.
The price for one session is  2.400 Kc 

DISTANCE healing
If you are from far away, I can prepare distance healing. The principal and result is the same as that of direct contact healing. By this method, I can treat your health problem regardless of your location. We communicate via email. You don´t need to go anywhere. One month will bring good effect , however I recommend two treatment cycles.

The price is cca 2.500 Kc per month. 
I can offer procedures and vibrations that solve many health and life problems. I transfer healing Light into vibrational flows which are acceptable to other people. That is my mission, I fulfill it with gratitude and love.

I was born in Prague. I am professional therapist and healer since 2002. I can speak English. Please feel free to contact me. I look forward to you.

Jana Marie * Email: Lecitel-JanaMarie@seznam.cz * Mobil: +420 736 773 901.



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